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Our network consists of a collection of experienced professionals ready to help solve a multitude of issues for you and your business. No matter what you face, you can interact with our partners to get answers. With expertise in personal planning, business succession, retirement plans, employee benefits, and more, our network has the resources to help your business take flight. Add our roster of season professionals to your bullpen, and you won’t ever look back. 

Life moves fast, the never-ending to-do list only grows, and you feel each milestone will make life simpler – yet it only ever gets more complex. There is so much to do, too many decisions to make, and endless information to filter through. Who is your “sounding board” to ensure you are making the right decisions for your family or your business? 

At Opus Financial Partners, we are deeply committed to helping you restore and maintain order in your financial lives so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the moments that matter the most. 


Shepherd Wealth Group is an advanced Financial strategy firm that maintains a tax efficient focus in all areas of expertise. At SWG the goal is to accumulate significant wealth in the most tax friendly environment possible throughout life, all while protecting that level of wealth so that it may pass on in the same efficient manner for those to come. As the tax legislative environment is ever-changing, that perspective continues to give our clientele what they desire most: CHOICES. At SWG, every client is unique, hence why we are staying away from the industry standard “fit in a box” approach. SWG believes in both a well-educated client and Financial professional. 

Promus specializes in working with corporations and business owners to help them make wise decisions regarding the design and financing of a wide range of executive benefit programs. The result is an executive benefit program that maximizes the ability to recruit, retain, reward and retire your best people. 

Every unique corporate culture should have its own customized program to be effective. From starting with the simple coordination of your record-keeper resources, to ending with a robust, holistic financial wellness program that can be customized to your group’s needs – Financial Guide, LLC can develop a program that works for your company. Programs for each of our clients are optimized by providing a menu of various levels of communication services. 

Clear Path Financial is a financial planning firm. Our top priority is helping individuals, families, and businesses reach and exceed their financial goals. Through a holistic approach, we put together personal and business financial plans with a goal to allow our clients to spend less time concerned about finances and more time with the ones they love doing what they want to be doing. 

Stark Financial Group strives to lower taxes, debt, interest, fees, premiums, and risk over your lifetime. We employ a macro approach that aims to maximize protection and wealth over time while lowering risk. SFG also helps small businesses develop strategies for succession planning, executive compensation, risk management analysis, and effective employee benefits. 

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